We hope this New Year is filled with smiles, laughter, and love for you and your family. And because it’s resolution time, we want to encourage those smiles and joy to last for years to come with some suggestions that can help you commit to a year of healthy teeth which can lead to a lifetime of confidence and improved dental health.

Why Should Your Oral Health Be on the Top of Your Resolution List?

A healthy mouth has a direct impact on your quality of life. When you ignore your oral health and skip dental appointments, you’re much more likely to develop dental complications like tooth loss and pain. And how you take care of your mouth doesn’t just affect your teeth. Poor oral health can cause gum disease, infection, pain, and difficulty eating.

Beyond your physical health, a healthy smile also helps you feel more confident, and studies show unhealthy dental conditions lower self-esteem.

So, how can you give yourself healthier teeth this year?

Commit to Year of Better Oral Health with These 3 Simple Steps


1. Choose Healthy Dietary Choices

Many of our patients make dietary changes this time of year. And we want to encourage you to think about your dental health as you alter your eating habits.

  • Increase your calcium for stronger bones and teeth. When you’re meal planning, think about including yogurt, low-fat milk, cheese, soy, almonds, and dark green vegetables.
  • Vitamin C can improve your gum health. Citrus makes a great snack. You can also increase your Vitamin C intake with more tomatoes and spinach.
  • Decrease your sugar intake and brush after snacking.

2. Give Your Gums and Teeth the Care They Deserve: Floss and Brush Better

Are you one of the many people that skip flossing? Change that habit starting now. Flossing prevents gum disease and can leave your mouth clean and healthy. For better oral health, floss after you eat. Flossing reduces the plaque and buildup that can lead to bad breath and gingivitis.

If your New Year’s resolution involves getting in better shape or slimming down, people that floss after eating tend to skip unnecessary snacking.

Want to be a better brusher? Be sure to

• Brush twice per day
• Replace your toothbrush every three months
• Brush all surfaces of your teeth
• Brush for at least two minutes

3. Make An Appointment to See Us and Don’t Skip Regular Cleanings

If you’re ready to commit to a year and a lifetime of better oral health, visiting us matters. We can help prevent oral diseases from developing if we catch them early on. We can also assess and diagnose underlying conditions that aren’t apparent without X-rays and our expertise. Dental cleanings also prevent cavities and other dental health issues.

From plaque and tartar to cavities and cancer, keeping dental checkups every six months can improve your life in 2020 and your health for years to come.

Make a Commitment to Yourself and Your Smile

Stop putting up with tooth pain and embarrassment when you smile. A healthy smile can improve your confidence and overall wellbeing. Start the year off with a promise to yourself to gift yourself the confidence, oral health, and pain-free life you deserve.

Give us a call and make an appointment for a year that will lead to a lifetime of oral health.

Image credit: puhha / iStock / Getty Images Plus