BOTOX isn’t just for wrinkles! Actually, BOTOX is used for many reasons that people aren’t aware of. Some reasons to get BOTOX include:

  • If you suffer from TMJ disorder you may experience positive results from BOTOX If you suffer from moderate chronic joint and facial pain
  • If you have a “gummy” smile, BOTOX can help correct your appearance

How does this work? BOTOX is a muscle relaxer – it blocks the nerve transmissions to your muscles, so they are unable to contract. This helps in smoothing out wrinkles and/or can offer muscle relaxing benefits related to TMJ or other pain you may experience in the facial areas.

Our dentists have been providing cosmetic dentistry services for over 20 years – having the ability to administer BOTOX within the dental setting is painless and complements the work we’ve done in cosmetic dentistry effectively. We will thoroughly evaluate your case to assist you in making decisions in which of these or both may be of the most benefit to you. We are trained to administer both treatments safely and effectively.

Of course, BOTOX can smooth out facial wrinkles on your forehead, between eyes, and around the corners of your eyes. Typically, these results last 3-4 months.