Although we provide multiple advanced dentistry services at Hanson dental, such as TMJ Therapy, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry or Dental implants, it’s important to not overlook general and essential dental health. Here are 5 tips to help keep your teeth happy and healthy!

1. Brush

The benefits of brushing your teeth cannot be overstated. Just by brushing two times per day with a toothpaste containing fluoride, this simple routine will help keep your teeth clean, fight halitosis (bad breath) and keep plaque off of your teeth. Not only do your teeth and mouth feel better after brushing your teeth, they will look shinier and whiter, too! Our dentists can suggest the best type of toothbrush and bristles for your teeth.

2. Floss

No, we’re not talking about the dance move here! Although brushing is imperative, it’s impossible to reach all surfaces of the teeth by brushing alone. This is where flossing is especially important! By gently cleaning between teeth with dental floss, you’ll be able to remove bacteria and plaque from surfaces that your toothbrush cannot reach. Are you unsure of how to floss? Ask one of our hygienists at your next dental visit, or watch this video!

3. Schedule regular dental exams

We typically recommend you come and visit us at Hanson Dental every six months. This time period may vary, especially if you are experiencing gum disease, pregnancy, are a smoker, or if you are diabetic. Our dental team will be able to recommend a schedule for you. These visits are important to check for any disease or decay, but also to provide an opportunity for you to get a professional cleaning in addition to your at-home dental care routine.

4.  Avoid excessive amounts of sugary foods.

Sugary foods can wreak havoc over time on your teeth. Whereas coffee or wine may cause surface stains, these foods can actually cause damage to the surface of your teeth over time. Of course, indulging in a sugary snack on occasion won’t typically be a major problem (particularly if you follow a stringent brushing and flossing routine), but keep these types of food to a minimum. Opt for a nutritious snack instead, such as yogurt, raw veggies, or fruits.

5.  Love gum? Go sugarless!

If you love gum, you don’t need to give it up – just choose a sugarless option instead! Not only will this help keep your breath fresh, but sugar-free gum helps your mouth produce additional saliva. This, in turn, helps reduce the amount of acid on your teeth which is left behind by foods.

Proper dental care is extremely important, and at Hanson Dental we strive to cultivate an environment of reduced stress and professional care for childrento senior adults. Patients of all ages visit Hanson Dental because of Dr. Hanson’s modern dental procedures and technology. We hope to see you soon! Schedule your next visit by calling (763) 682-9796.

Image credit: Pixabay