Isn’t it wonderful to see your child develop into an individual as he or she grows up and gains more independence? And while teenagers tend to get quite busy with classes, extracurricular activities, and busy social lives, it’s important to remind them that their oral health should remain a priority. And with social media, selfies, and yearbook pictures, your teen’s smile plays a vital role in their self-esteem.

What do you need to know about supporting your teen’s healthy smile?

What You Need to Know to Help Support Your Teen’s Oral Health

Stick to the Basics

Teens need to stick to the brushing basics: twice per day for at least two minutes. And don’t skip flossing. You don’t need to mark your teen’s brushing off on a chart anymore, but mentally keep track if your teen is brushing often enough.

How can you make sure your teen sticks to their brushing routine without making them feel like a kid? Ask if they’ve been brushing as often as they should. It’s easy to remind a teen that their dental health is important. If you notice a positive change, be sure you provide positive reinforcement.

Brace for Orthodontic Care

Teens tend to be conscious and self-conscious about their teeth as teens. From discoloration to a crooked smile, we can help you decide if braces are the right option for your teen.

If your teen has braces, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Be sure your teen maintains proper brushing and flossing. Go-between can help get the areas around brackets and under the wire clean. Keep these stocked in your teen’s bathroom.

Be sure your teen avoid restricted foods. This will keep brackets from popping off and reduce the risk of cavities and discoloration.

Don’t skip dental visits. While your teen’s smile straightens outs, we can take a peek at their mouth to make sure their mouth is cavity-free.

Keep an Eye on Your Teen’s Nutrition

When it comes to your teen’s diet, you want to provide what they need to stay healthy from teeth to toes. And when it comes to oral health, avoiding sugar is key. This means limiting sweets and soda. And when your teen does indulge in the occasional sweet treat, remind them to brush afterward.

Sports and Your Teen’s Teeth

Don’t skip the mouthguards. When your teen puts on his uniform, be sure his mouthguard is part of the routine. Custom-fitted mouthguards offer more secure and effective protection.

Stock Up on Supplies and Make an Appointment for a Checkup

Replace your teen’s toothbrush every six months, keep floss and mouthwash stocked in their bathroom, and ask questions while encouraging proper oral care habits.

And make an appointment to see us soon. We can assess your teen’s oral needs to be sure his or her smile will stay healthy for years to come.

Keep Your Teen Smiling!

Raising a teen comes with many challenges, don’t let your teen’s dental care become a complication. Be there to support your teen’s healthy smile by filling your home with healthy foods, supplying the dental supplies your teen needs for a clean mouth, and continue with regular dental visits.

If your teen is due for a cleaning, exam, or you have questions regarding your teen’s dental health, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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