When it comes to your dental health, you want to choose the right dentist. The right dentist can restore your smile, ease your anxiety, and provide care to your entire family. Hanson Dental is the right dentist for you. How can we be so confident? We offer a wide range of services with phenomenal service to make every patient’s experience the best!

Why Should You Choose Hanson Dental for Your Smile?

We happily share information about our practice with anyone willing to listen or any potential patient who may have questions. We are proud of the superior experience we provide our clients and their entire families.

1. Our Entire Team Enjoys Helping Patients

From the moment we answer the phone to when you walk out our door, we want you to feel the care and compassion we offer every patient. We can answer your questions about procedures, insurance, and scheduling.

2. Alleviating Your Dental Fears Is a Priority for Us

If you have procrastinated and put off finding a dentist due to dental fear, we are here for you. We want all of our patients to benefit from good dental health.

When you make your appointment, just mention you have some hesitation, anxiety, or fear about your appointment. Our staff is ready to answer your questions to ease some of your anxiety. We also offer sensory assistance like headphones to drown out sounds.

3. We Use Technology to Effectively and Efficiently Treat Our Patients

We have the latest technology to help our dentists accurately diagnose issues and care for patients with precision. Our imaging equipment, laser therapies, and whitening technology can get you in and out quickly and provide you with confidence in the work we provide.

4. We Offer a Wide Range of Services to Simplify Your Life

We won’t send you elsewhere for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dental pain relief, or TMJ therapy. Between the expertise and experience of Dr. Hanson and Dr. Osmundson, we can provide non-surgical treatment for TMJ, so you can possibly say “goodbye” to issues like snoring, sinus issues, and grinding your teeth.

5. Your Kids Will Love Their Visit

We can help your child from the time they start walking to the time they graduate high school. We commit to providing your family with care that promotes positive dental habits and minimizes fear for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Our facility goes the extra mile for kids’ smiles by

  • Using digital X-rays
  • Examining your child’s gum health
  • Providing entertainment during your child’s appointment. (That’s right! TVs in the ceiling)
  • Having a room designed with small children’s needs in mind

Are You Ready to Choose Hanson Dental?

After looking through website after website or searching “dentist” on Google, you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t. Hanson Dental is the last practice you need to look at before deciding on which practice is right for you.

Ready to experience a better dental practice? Please give us a call. We can answer any questions you may have and make an appointment to meet your needs and expectations. We are proud of our practice and want to become a part of your dental health story.

Image credit: AndreyPopov / iStock / Getty Images Plus