Do you remember your child’s teething phase? Did you see those tiny glowing white teeth and think about how you’ll prepare your little one to visit us for the very first time? Probably not. But that’s ok! We’re here for you now that it’s time to begin preparing your little one for his or her first dental visit.

Here are our answers to the top questions parents have when it comes to preparing their kids for dental visits:

When Should You Establish a Dental Routine with Your Child?

Babies and toddlers can create a lot of questions for parents when it comes to dental care. One we hear a lot is “When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?” This one is simple: start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they come in. This gives them a clean and healthy start and prepares them for a lifetime of oral health.

And starting healthy brushing and flossing practices as young as possible also creates positive oral health habits early on.

When Should You Bring Your Son or Daughter in for Their First Dental Visit?

Children should start visiting the dentist before they reach one year old and two at the oldest. This helps us spot any problems as early as possible.

We can also take a peek at your son or daughter’s teeth to assess

  • His or her teething
  • If your child’s experiencing tooth decay from bottle-feeding
  • If her pacifier or thumbsucking is creating any dental issues
  • If your child has a habit of tongue-thrusting or jaw clenching.

How Can You Prepare Your Child for Her First Dental Visit?

  1. When you make your appointment, ask as many questions you may have. One we often get is “How long will my child’s exam take?” The answer is about half an hour to forty-five minutes (even an hour if we opt for a cleaning).
  2. We suggest that you schedule a morning appointment if you can. This makes it easy to avoid naptime and examine your child’s mouth when she’s energetic and alert.
  3. Prepare your toddler by explaining who the dentist is and how the dentist will look at her teeth to make sure they’re healthy.
  4. We have a room dedicated to little ones to make the experience positive. We even have a TV in the ceiling!
  5. Pack a comfort toy or stuffed animal that your child can hold while we examine her teeth.
  6. During your child’s exam, we’ll look at her teeth, gums, and bite. We can also evaluate your child’s facial growth, tooth spacing, and crowding.

How Can Your Promote a Healthy Smile at Home?

  • Avoid giving your child sugary drinks and juice in a bottle right before bedtime or after brushing.
  • Children benefit from assistance when it comes to brushing until they’re about seven or eight. 
  • Sweet treats and candy should be occasional, not everyday, snacks

We Create Smiles When Kids Come to Visit

When it comes to your child’s dental health, we’re here to help promote healthy habits, spot issues early-on, and provided a carefree experience to encourage your child to smile more. If you have any questions or you’re ready to schedule your child’s first appointment, give us a call.

Image credit: DmitriiSimakov / iStock / Getty Images Plus