Smiling is at the root of happiness. A true smile tightens your cheeks, spreads across your face, and even lights up your eyes.

Your smile is one of the most important aspects when it comes to self-confidence, communication, and relationships. Why? Because as people, we instinctively pick up on nonverbal communication. In fact, 60 to 90% of your daily communication with others is non-verbal.

Did you know that some scientists devoted their lives to uncovering the nature of what makes a genuine smile? One French neurologist, Guillaume Duchenne de Boulogne was part of this select club of smile connoisseurs. He’s responsible for the idea that only the sweetest emotion of the soul, a true smile, requires the cheek muscles to contract in a way that reveals your pearly whites.

When you feel those muscles kick into action, does your hand shoot up to cover your teeth? Or do you immediately try to reign in those cheek muscles to conceal your teeth? If so, you’re missing out on the benefits of smiling.

Smiling has been proven to release endorphins, improve your immune system, and boost the mood of those around you. Most importantly, a healthy smile improves your self-confidence.

How Does a Healthy Smile Improve Your Self-Confidence?

Your Smile is the First Thing Others Notice About You

When you’re able to genuinely smile, it gives others the impression that you’re trustworthy, fun to be around, and friendly! Having healthy teeth helps you put your best attribute at the forefront: your personality.

Fresh Breath Leads to Meaningful Conversations

Strong communication builds stronger relationships. Whether at work, play, or home, having fresh breath encourages your conversations to last longer. Fresh breath starts with a healthy dental routine and regular dental cleanings and checkups.

Having Healthy Teeth Shows You Care About Yourself

A sparkling smile tells those around you that you care about yourself. This signals to others that you understand you are worth caring about. And you are!

A Smile is Your Handshake’s Best Partner

Did you practice your professional handshake in order to make a good impression in interviews and the workplace? Did you also practice smiling as you greet someone? When you pair a confident handshake with a self-assured smile, you are sending the message that you are fearless, confident, and positive.

Smile for the Camera!

It’s almost impossible to escape photos, and you shouldn’t want to. Every phone is equipped with a camera, now. Taking pictures with your loved ones can help capture joyful and candid memories.

With a healthy smile, you may even find yourself scheduling more memorable outings and adventures and taking more pictures. You will gladly share pictures with your kids, grandkids, and friends.

So, is your smile supporting healthy relationships, communication, and your self-confidence? Don’t let your smile let you down. You deserve to make the most of all life has to offer with self-confidence and pride. We can help you establish a healthy dental routine and correct any damage that may hinder your ability to genuinely smile.

Call us today to make an appointment for self-confidence and a smile you will be thrilled to show off!

Image credit: Ridofranz / iStock / Getty Images Plus