Childhood. Its innocence and magic are as amazing to behold as they are to experience. For most people, the Great Pumpkin, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy conjure up enchanting memories that last a lifetime. As parents, we not only get the opportunity to create wonderful memories for our children, but we can also use the magic of the Tooth Fairy to instill in them good habits for dental health.

Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas

Losing their first tooth can be scary for some children so it’s important to make sure they understand that losing baby teeth is simply part of growing up. More importantly, it’s crucial that your child understands that they will be ok during and after losing a baby tooth. A loose baby tooth is an optimal time to visit Hanson Dental, your favorite family dentist, to reassure your child that what they’re experiencing is natural. After your child loses that important first tooth, there are many ways the Tooth Fairy can visit your home, including:

  • Having the Tooth Fairy bring your child’s favorite character toothbrush, toothpaste, and their very own dental floss so your child can take good care of their other teeth. You can even purchase an inexpensive timer that your child can use by themselves to ensure they brush for two minutes.

  •  Before your child’s first Tooth Fairy visit, or as an extra special Tooth Fairy surprise, there are many books that either explain why the Tooth Fairy visits children or in which the Tooth Fairy and lost teeth become characters or plots in children’s fictional stories.

  • If your Tooth Fairy brings cash, you may want to dress up that first dollar bill by adding a touch of hairspray and some glitter to it. Alternatively, you can embellish an envelope fancily and put your child’s Tooth Fairy money inside.

  • You can get extra creative with your child’s Tooth Fairy loot by either folding it into an interesting origami shape or folding an origami shape and tucking money inside it. Here are folding instructions for making a dollar bill (or any other denomination) into an origami tooth.

  • Colgate’s website also suggests writing your child a letter from the Tooth Fairy, making your child a “Lost Tooth” certificate, purchasing Tooth Fairy decorations, or using Tooth Fairy clip art to engage your child in celebrating this milestone in their lives.

Ensuring Lifelong Dental Health

As family and children’s dentists in the Buffalo, MN area, Hanson Dental is excited to support you and your child during the transition from very early childhood into the elementary school years. This is an exciting time for both of you during which you can use the power of childhood magic to create important dental hygiene habits for your child so good oral care will become second nature to them. The magic of the Tooth Fairy can be a fun, enchanting way to develop solid oral hygiene habits while creating the sense of wonder and joy that makes those early years so amazing to behold. You can do it, parents! May the Tooth Fairy bring you as much joy as she does your children.

Image credit: Marija Stepanovic / iStock / Getty Images Plus