Bad breath is a common, yet embarrassing, problem to have. You may withdraw from a conversation because you are afraid someone will smell your offensive breath. If you’re concerned about your bad breath, here are five foods that can help make your breath fresh again:


Many acidic foods can get stuck in your teeth and cause bad breath. Eating a small bit of cheese neutralizes the acids in your mouth, removing odor. Plus, the calcium and Vitamin D found in cheese is also great for bone and oral health.


Dehydration and chronic dry mouth can result in bad breath. When your mouth is dry and saliva levels are low, smelly bacteria can build up in your mouth. Remember to keep hydrated and drink water often. Keep a bottle or glass of water on your bedside table in case you wake up with a dry mouth.

Crunchy Foods

Foods that are sticky and soft are more likely to be caught in your teeth. Stinky bacteria feed on these food particles and grow quickly. Reach for a healthy, crunchy snack such as apples or celery. These tough foods will scrub away any leftover pieces of food.

Black Tea

Black tea is a great way to freshen your breath. Enjoy this drink after a satisfying meal, or even as an afternoon “pick me up”. Plus, compounds in tea prevent the growth of bad bacteria in your mouth. Watch your caffeine content as too much of it can cause your mouth to become dry.

Sugar-Free Candy and Gum

For a quick method of freshening your breath, try some sugarless gum or candy. When you chew or gradually let the candy dissolve, your saliva production increases. Mint-flavored candies are known to mask bad smells. Cinnamon-flavored gum and candy may be able to actually reduce the bacteria level in your mouth.

In Conclusion

Any of these foods and drinks cannot replace a proper dental hygiene routine. The best way to keep bad breath away is to brush and floss daily. However, if you find yourself with smelly breath after a garlic-filled dinner, try one of these foods for a quick way to clean your mouth. Keep in mind, bad breath can also be a sign of an underlying health condition. Routine dental exams can help identify if there is something more serious that may be impacting your hygiene.Give us a call at Hanson Dental to schedule an appointment: (763) 682-9796.

Image credit: Sophie Mikat / Unsplash