When you have lost one or more teeth due to dental disease or trauma, a dental implant may be an excellent replacement option. Some of the common reasons that patients opt for implants over dentures or other tooth replacement options include:

·      Frequently hiding their smile due to missing teeth
·      Unhappy with the look or feel of dentures
·      Want to avoid using other teeth as anchors for dental restorations such as a bridge or crown

·      Dissatisfaction with the restrictions imposed by full or partial dentures and/or their appearance

Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth, several consecutive missing teeth, or the entire upper and lower jaws of teeth. The titanium in dental implants is a strong and lightweight material than can last for the rest of your life with the proper care.

Dental Implant Benefits to Consider

The popularity of this permanent form of tooth replacement has grown significantly over the past several years as patients come to appreciate the many benefits. Some of these include:

·      Unlike dentures that can slide around, implants remain firmly attached to your jaw. This makes it easier for you to speak clearly and to enjoy all your favorite foods without fear of damaging your dental restoration.
·      Implants look and feel more natural since you never need to remove anything. You brush them just as you would regular teeth, which means no buying special cleaning products or soaking them overnight.
·      Replacing a single missing tooth doesn’t require the support of other teeth. When you need to replace several consecutive missing teeth, Dr. Hanson or Dr. Hahn uses an implanted-supported dental bridge. This also doesn’t require the support of neighboring teeth.

·      While the upfront cost may be higher, you save more over your lifetime due to not needing repair or replacement as often as you would with dental implants.

What to Expect When Receiving a Dental Implant

At Hanson Dental, we will provide you with a treatment time estimate before placing your implants. This can vary considerably between patients. The first step involves Dr. Hanson or Dr. Hahn locating the implant site via X-ray. We then surgically install the titanium rods that serve as your new tooth roots. You will need to follow a soft food diet as you heal and possibly take non-prescription pain relievers as well. After placement of the rods, called abutments, you may need to wait up to several months for your jaw to completely heal. It may be possible to receive temporary replacement teeth while you wait.

After ensuring that you have completed the healing process, Dr. Hanson or Dr. Hahn attaches the replacement tooth or teeth to the abutments. If you still have some or most of your natural teeth, we take care to match the shade of the replacement teeth to your natural teeth as closely as possible.

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Successful candidates for dental implants should be in good overall health, have enough jaw space to support the implants, and not have certain medical conditions. Please contact Hanson Dental to schedule your appointment so you can learn more about this exciting treatment option.
Image source: Anton Pogarsky | Getty Images