“We suffer more from imagination than from reality.”

-Seneca, a wise Roman philosopher,

This is often the case when it comes to visiting us for a dental checkup. We find people become gripped with fear and anxiety. They begin worrying about their dental health or envisioning needles and drills. Others just cringe not knowing what to expect at the dentist. We’ve heard it all.

If this hits close to home, we’re here for you.

We understand that not every patient has had the best experiences and many fear bad news. But delaying your visit won’t solve any problems. In fact, avoiding making an appointment can compound dental issues and increase avoidance anxiety.

So, How Can We Help Reduce Your Dental Fears?

1.  We Get a Headstart When You Make Your Appointment

Our staff cares about your fear, and we want you to let us know you’re apprehensive when you make your appointment. We have really heard it all, so don’t think your request is out of the ordinary.

Your call is the precursor to a positive experience. Why? We’re ready for you, your questions, and nerves.

2.  We Have Answers to All Your Questions!

We offer compassionate care and always have time to answer your questions. We know that the fear of the unknown can be crippling. We can shine some light on the mystery of your visit.

We love patients that ask questions. Answering your concerns can help calm your nerves and empower you to envision a serene and stress-free visit.

3.  We Want You to Have a Sensational Visit–In a Good Way!

Often patients relate the discomfort of a dental visit to one of their senses. Whether it’s a fear of shiny needles or the buzz of the drill. We have even had patients that say scent transports them back to a bad dental memory.

We want to replace that experience and safeguard your senses. That’s why we provide our patients with sensory distracts.

4.  We Offer the Latest Techniques for a Better Experience

We pride ourselves on keeping current with the latest technologies and techniques for smoother,  more efficient exams and procedures. While we think all dentists should stay at the top of innovation, we believe this is a service we owe to our patients.

Some of the latest techniques include gentler options for our patients! While we always aim to provide the best care, we are thankful to have the technology and a variety of techniques on our side to make the experience smoother.

We can tailor your treatment to your needs. Never hesitate to learn more about techniques for reduced discomfort and decreased fear and stress.

End the Cycle of Fear.

Come in and see us. This will break the cycle of fear and replace your anxiety with pleasant memories and positive experiences.

Be a Brave Parent.

Set a positive example for your children by making an appointment for the whole family. We would love to see you and your little ones for a kid-friendly exam!

We want to start the entire family and your kids off on the right foot. That’s why we have a room dedicated to making kids smile and keeping those smiles healthy.

Break the Cycle of Fear.

Begin a healthy dental routine with regular cleanings and checkups. We want to help you conquer your dental fear and wear your smile with pride.

Now the time. Call us today.

Image credit: PIKSEL / iStock / Getty Images Plus