Cold weather tooth pain is a real pain in the mouth. When you experience cold weather toothaches and pain, it can prevent you from enjoying the beauty of winter here in the Buffalo area. Don’t let the throbbing and discomfort slow you down. Get ready to make snow angels, go sledding, and enjoy hot cocoa beside your outdoor fireplace.

What Causes Cold Weather Tooth Sensitivity?

Pain caused by cold weather isn’t rare. One in eight people experience intense pain when the temperatures drop. The causes range from cavities, thinning enamel, teeth grinding and tooth decay. The cold weather can also cause your tooth to slightly contract or cause sinus pressure which can also trigger oral pain.

Ultimately, most dental pain during cold weather comes down to the nerves in your teeth. If you have a cavity, weak enamel, or a cracked tooth, the cold air more easily penetrates the tooth and ignites the nerve that stretches from the root into the tooth.

What Can You Do To Reduce Winter Tooth Pain?

When you go outside, you may instinctively reach up and cover your mouth or force yourself to breathe through your nose. This can temporarily relieve cold weather pain. Sipping a warm or hot beverage can also help ease the pain caused by cold air. These solutions are temporary, though.

To treat the problem for long-term relief, come and see us. We can identify the source of your dental sensitivity and repair the problem.

We can take a peek inside your mouth and uncover the source of your discomfort. We use X Rays to diagnose your dental health. From there we can repair chipped or cracked teeth, fill cavities, and check your enamel. Restoring your smile can restore your ability to enjoy the wintertime activities you once loved.

We can also work with you to decide on a dental routine that will work for you, including fluoride rinses, tooth sensitivity toothpaste, and regular cleanings.

You Don’t Need to Suffer from Cold Weather Tooth Pain

We use the latest technology and techniques to provide our patients with the best dental experience. We care about your comfort and offer stress-reduced appointments if needed. Give us a call or contact us to set up an appointment to have you smiling even on the coldest winter days.

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