Adults, do you want straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile? If so, adult orthodontic treatment may be the answer. There are many different types of adult orthodontic treatments available, and many benefits to using this type of treatment to enhance your smile. Ready to learn more about adult orthodontics? Keep reading!

1. What are orthodontics and are they an option for adults, too?

Orthodontics is a type of dental treatment that can help improve the appearance of teeth and their alignment. Many adults choose to get orthodontic treatment to fix crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. Orthodontics can also help with bite problems such as overbite or underbite. Yes, adult orthodontic treatment is available for adult patients!

2. What types of orthodontic treatment exist for adults?

Types of adult orthodontic treatments: adult metal braces, adult clear braces, adult Invisalign®, and Lingual braces (which are placed behind the teeth). The type of braces that may be best for you will depend on your unique bite, crowding and alignment needs, budget, lifestyle, and duration of time for treatment. Your dentist will do an exam and discuss which options may be best for you based on your needs.

3. What are the benefits of getting adult orthodontic treatment?

Some benefits of adult orthodontic treatment may include:

  • straighter teeth
  • a more beautiful smile
  • improved oral health
  • improved self-esteem and confidence
  • better chewing and speaking abilities

4. Questions to ask my dentist or orthodontist before adult orthodontic treatment

Getting adult orthodontics is a big decision, and you’ll likely have many questions about adult treatments. Before adult orthodontic treatment, make sure you ask your dentist these questions:

  • Which type of adult treatment will best suit my needs?
  • What can I expect in terms of treatment length?
  • How long will my treatment take to complete?
  • Will adult braces affect the way that I eat, talk, or smile?
  • What is the cost of treatment?
  • Are there any payment plans or options such as CareCredit to help spread out the cost of treatment?
  • Will my dental insurance cover the costs associated with my treatment?

A beautiful smile and a healthier mouth are just some of the benefits of getting orthodontic care. We encourage you to visit our office, where we offer state-of-the-art dental services that will help your oral health improve while also making sure your teeth are aligned in a way that looks natural for you. If you’re ready to learn more about adult orthodontics or schedule an appointment with us, give us a call today!

Photo Credit: Pexels.