Ghoulies, ghosties and decay-causing beasties are on the menu this Halloween if you’re not a careful parent for 2018. Halloween is a night all children look forward to and it’s not just because of the dressing up that’s ahead for them. Candy awaits! If there is one time in the year that teeth brushing is one of the most important things to do, it’s Halloween.

A night of knocking on as many doors as possible and collecting a stockpile of sugary sweet treats is heaven for a child. Candy that is usually limited through the year is given a free-for-all on Halloween night. While being terrified with scary costumes and spooky displays is part of the fun, the last thing you need to deal with is tooth decay and declining dental health. The key is to figure out balancing the fun of trick-or-treating with superb dental health, and here are a few tips to have a very happy Halloween!

  • It’s ALL about moderation. Keep your children in check with how many of their candy haul they’re allowed at a time. Half the fun is making it last!
  • Brushing teeth twice a day should be your family norm, and if it isn’t, your Buffalo dentist can give you some tricks to help your children find brushing fun.
  • Fluoridated mouthwash is one of the best protections that you can give your children’s teeth and you should be doing this every evening before bedtime.
  • Children should find flossing as natural as part of their daily hygiene routine. Keep extra flossers around the house on Halloween and if you are able, sneak one in with your Halloween goodie bags for the neighborhood kids!
  • Filter the candy for your children. Once they hand over their loot bags, go through them and put aside the chewy, sticky candies that will weld to teeth. These are the ones that cause the most decay. Jelly beans, taffy, caramels and candy corn are all culprits and should all be rationed.
  • Choose a sugar-free gum that’ll help combat plaque – kids love gum, and this doesn’t pack a nasty sugar-filled punch.

Good oral hygiene is the best gift your kids could get this Halloween, and there’s no need to minimize the fun. Offering sugar-free treats to trick-or-treaters who visit your house as well as ensuring that your children’s candy is policed can reduce the potential for dental decay, too. Have a very happy Halloween – and try not to steal the candy for yourself! 🙂

Image credit: Wowwa / iStock / Getty Images Plus