A smile makeover involves undergoing one or more voluntary cosmetic procedures to improve your overall aesthetics. Whether it’s professional teeth whitening, filling the gap between your two front teeth with a veneer, or making your fillings less obvious by replacing metal with composite filling material, you might be surprised at how much a smile makeover will change your life. Although there’s potentially several more, we discuss five of the most common benefits below.

Increased Confidence

Perhaps you never realized how much you hold back smiling due to a cosmetic problem with your teeth. However, a wide smile displays confidence to the world while a tight-lipped grin can cause others to interpret shyness or a lack of confidence. You naturally want to smile more when you no longer feel embarrassed about your teeth.

Create a Better First Impression

Confidence is always important, but it’s especially so when you’re interviewing for a new job. While you might give a small grin to the interviewer because you feel self-conscious about your teeth, he or she could perceive it as uncertainty or even unfriendliness. A smile makeover is a sure way to make a lasting first impression on anyone.

Structural Improvements

Depending on the specific procedure that Dr. Hanson or Dr. Osmundson performs, you may find it easier to chew your food and open and close your mouth once it’s done. A dental crown is a prime example. Patients often need these due to a cracked tooth, tooth decay, or severe pain in a tooth. Obviously, all of these problems can make chewing more of a challenge than it needs to be. Your top and bottom rows of teeth will also fit together more comfortably with certain cosmetic or restorative procedures.

Look and Feel Healthier

Having stained yellow teeth can make you look and feel older than your actual age. This is true of several other cosmetic dental issues also, including cracked or missing teeth. Fixing the problem not only improves your appearance, it restores your teeth and jaws to full functionality as well. You look healthier when you feel healthier and vice versa.

A Smile Makeover Brightens Your Entire Face

Your smile and your eyes say more about you than you probably realize. When you look and feel good, it naturally brings a sparkle to your eyes and gives you a smile that makes you look happy and genuine. When you give off a vibe of happiness, people feel more drawn to you because they want what you have. Confidence and a happy demeanor are two of the most attractive human traits of all.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Smile?

We at Hanson Dental are excited to work with you to give you the smile you have always wanted. Please contact our dental practice in Buffalo, Minnesota at 763-682-9796 to request a consultation to discuss the possibilities.

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