We’re on a mission to make every patient’s life better one smile at a time. If you’ve been procrastinating, making excuses, or just haven’t had the time, we want you to make an appointment to the dentist right now.  Why should you ditch the delay and make an appointment today?

1. We Can Help You Cope and Overcome Your Dental Fears

You’re not alone when it comes to dental anxiety. While we wish every person that walked through our door came in excited for a healthier smile, we understand that many people experience fear when it comes to dental exams, procedures, and cleanings.

Helping you cope with your dental anxiety begins when you make your appointment. Simply let one of our staff members know about your concerns. From there, you are welcome to ask questions and explain exactly what during your appointment triggers fear. We will then discuss the distractions we offer along with pain-reduced techniques we use to make the most of your time in the chair. We are happy to work with you to make your experience the best it can be.

2. You Don’t Need to Live with Pain

Stop living with daily dental pain. Whether you experience pain when you chew, soreness in your jaw, or other dental pain, we can make your pain a thing of the past. Not only does addressing dental pain make you physically feel better, but it also eliminates the worry associated with not knowing the cause.

3. Improve Your Smile

A great smile improves confidence, self-esteem, and mood. We want you to let yourself smile, laugh, and enjoy the merriest moments every day. If you’re in need of a bridge, braces, or whiter teeth, we are happy to talk to you about the procedure, cost, and timeline. When it comes to your confidence, there’s no need to delay–you’re missing out on your best life as you read this.

4. Delaying Your Appointment to the Dentist Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Even if you do not have dental pain, making an appointment can help you avoid major issues, added cost, and potential pain. When you come in for a dental exam, we will check your gums, teeth, tongue, and jaw for a wide array of issues. Spotting concerns early can make a world of difference for your health.

We use the latest technology to make diagnoses precise, prompt, and comfortable.

5. A Healthy Mouth is Key to Your Overall Well-being

Your mouth is the first stop in the digestion process. Chewing without pain and more effectively can improve your digestion and make dining more enjoyable. When you come into the dentist, we check for signs of oral cancer, infection, teeth grinding, and other temporomandibular joint dysfunction. These issues are more than just about cosmetics–they can be the difference between life and death.

Don’t Wait. Make an Appointment to See the Dentist Today

What are you waiting for? We’re waiting for you to give us a call (763-682-9796) or schedule your appointment online. Our team cannot wait to see you and improve your smile.

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