Although the vision of teenagers often comes to mind when people consider getting braces, it’s ideal for some children to start orthodontic treatment in the pre-teen years. It’s also never too late for an adult to get braces if necessary. The decision to move forward with orthodontic treatment isn’t as simple as it might seem. Dr. Hanson may be able to treat alignment or other issues without braces. This is the reason we recommend an orthodontic consultation as early as age seven.

Five Common Reasons You or Your Child Might Need Orthodontic Treatment

Below are some of the most common problems we see at Hanson Dental that typically result in the recommendation for braces.

1. The teeth are overlapping, crowded, or crooked: Some of the specific issues we see include one tooth growing in on top of the other, teeth that come in sideways, or teeth that protrude further than the others. Not only

2. Aesthetic reasons: The most common reason that people pursue getting braces is to improve their appearance and smile. What they may not realize is that straightening the teeth reduces the likelihood of cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay as well.

3. Too much space between teeth: When you or your child have too much space between teeth, it throws off bite accuracy and affects jaw functioning. Pain when eating is one of the most common results. This can lead to avoidance of food and malnutrition.

4. Overbite or underbite: When one of the jaws extends too far or not far enough, it can cause a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), chronic pain, speaking difficulty, and several other issues.

5. Improved mouth comfort: Having misaligned teeth can cause chronic discomfort. Many people don’t realize how much this affects them until they get braces and don’t experience it anymore.

What to Expect at an Orthodontic Consultation at Hanson Dental

If the patient is a child, our dentists will evaluate factors such as his or her facial growth, amount of space present between the teeth, any missing or extra teeth, and crowding of teeth. We will notate our findings and continue to monitor your child until he or she gets closer to the age of receiving braces. You can also depend on our staff for thorough monitoring even if your child doesn’t need braces. This gives us the opportunity to determine if the teeth are coming in as expected and that your child’s facial growth remains on schedule.

Our orthodontic review of children also includes discussion of oral habits such as thumbing sucking or jaw clenching. Both of these can affect the normal eruption of permanent teeth as well as facial growth.

We understand that adult orthodontic patients have different concerns. Our staff will present the various options available to you during your consultation and make a recommendation based on your unique circumstances. Please contact Hanson Dental today at 763-682-9796 to request an orthodontic consultation for yourself or your child.

Photo Credit: MarianVejcik / iStock / Getty Images Plus