Many people have an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude toward their dental health, only visiting the dentist when something goes wrong and requires attention. But that’s not a recipe for good oral health: instead of only seeing your dentist when you have a dental emergency, you should be visiting regularly to have your teeth cleaned. Scheduling regular cleanings is important for a number of reasons. Here are five of the many benefits of regular dental cleanings.

1. You’ll Have Whiter Teeth

The cleaning and polish you get when a dentist cleans your teeth is much more effective than regular tooth brushing at removing stains. Coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco all tend to stain the extrinsic surface of your teeth, known as the enamel. A cleaning can get rid of these layered stains, polishing your teeth and leaving them whiter and more attractive.

2. You Can Reduce Likelihood of Cavities

Plaque, the sticky film that gradually accumulates on your teeth, is the main catalyst for tooth decay. It’s acidic, so over time, it eats into the enamel of your teeth, creating permanent small holes called cavities that will need attention and repair. Getting your teeth regularly cleaned gets rid of the plaque buildup, interrupting the decay and preventing you from developing cavities.

3. Dental Cleanings Prevent Gum Disease

One of the major causes of early tooth loss is gum disease, which is also painful and unsightly. Brushing regularly in combination with getting your teeth professionally cleaned at the dentist can help in prevention of gum disease.

4. A Dental Cleaning Doubles as A Check-Up

Most people don’t know how to spot major oral health issues, but dentists and dental hygienists do. That means when you come in for a cleaning, our dental team will be keeping an eye out for problems more serious than plaque buildup or stains. Getting your teeth cleaned can head off serious problems that would cost a lot more if they were left to develop further. In addition, with the assistance of x-rays, issues below the gum line can be detected in their earliest stages.

5. Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Improves Your Overall Health

It’s helpful to look at the body as an interconnected whole, where each part has an impact on the others. Oral health is important for your overall health, as studies have shown. Regular dental cleanings be one step in helping to put you at a lower risk for heart disease and stroke, as well as help prevent infections in the mouth that can spread to other organs.

Don’t let your fear of the dentist keep you from being healthy! Regular dental cleanings are worth it for the many benefits they offer. To schedule your next appointment, please call us at: 763-682-9796.

Image credit: artisteer / iStock / Getty Images Plus